Hello! If you've made it this far an introduction is in order. My name is Crystal Ingram and I am the owner of Crystal Ingram Photography, LLC.  My business is deeply personal to me and my hope is to get to know my clients through photography and genuine service. My story is not much different than any else's. While raising my children and watching them grow I felt an overwhelming desire to capture the way I saw them, permanently. A picture does just that; it freezes a moment in time and attaches to a memory. That inspires me! The tricky part was learning how to give other people that same experience. 
Photography is in fact an Art. What I see is not always seen by others. The beauty in that, though, are those unique moments when someone else's  desire coincides with my perspective. I give each client my time and invest in getting to know them. Our goal together is to find what they envision and bring it to life. 
My style as a photographer is to find yours

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